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Optimizer Plus works in ALL Pools. Chlorine. Bromine. SoftSwim. Ionizers, Ozonators & chlorine generators

With Optimizer Plus, you get an EPA registered product that inhibits the ability of algae to grow & reproduce. Water Balance is made simpler.

An excellent additive forSwim Spas!

No Pre-mixing required!

The Optimizer Plus Advantages:

  • The Product Stays in the Pool. It won't evaporate. It isn't burned out by the sun.
  • Works with Chlorine, Bromine, Biguanide (Soft Swim® or Baquacil®), Mineral Salts & water purifiers such as Nature2
  • The Water Quality is enhanced. It's softer. Less eye & skin irritation.
  • Easier Maintenance. Less algae. Clearer water. Less Balancing of pH & other chemistry.
  • EPA Registered for Algae Suppression!
  • The Perfect supplement for Nature2, Vision, Pool Frog or other ionizer users

  • Proven to aid in preventing Pool Mold. Use in conjunction with AquaFinessePool Water Care Tablets & NaturCareEnzyme for excellent results. BioGuard Optimizer Plus, AquaFinesse Pool Tablets & NaturCare Enzyme Cleaner form  the Three Foundations of Pool Care

What Our Customers tell us:

Chlorine/Bromine Pools: Virtual elimination of Algae plus soft water.

Salt/Chlorine Pools: Superior algae suppression without having to use algaecides plus even softer water.

SoftSwim/Baquacil Pools: Virtual elimination of Algae, White Water Mold & Pink slime and even softer water.

Everybody: It's worth the money & Optimizer Plus pays for itself!

Sorry, Not Available for use in California

To Use Optimizer Plus: Add 1 to 2 lb Optimizer Plus per 1,000 gals of pool water. Add 1/3 of dosage at a time. Always readjust pH to 7.4 - 7.6 and Total Alkalinity to 125 - 150 ppm (vinyl pools; 100 - 125 ppm gunite pools), using BioGuard® Lo 'n Slo pH Decreaser about 4 hours after dosing. Be sure to follow all label directions.

Optimizer Plus Works best at these levels in preventing water mold:

Chlorine/Bromine Pools: 30 - 50 ppm (parts per million)
®/Baquacil®/Biguanide Pools: 50 - 80 ppm


BioGuard Optimizer Plus
8 lb Bucket - $29.99

BioGuard Optimizer Plus
20 lb Bucket - $59.99


BioGuard Optimizer Plus

- the once a year granular additive powered by borates (sorry, not available in California) that has been shown to be effective in preventing mold.

BioGuard Optimizer Plus is primarily used as a great algae inhibitor, but it also works well in aiding to better balance the water (pH & Total Alkalinity) plus making the water feel softer. Copyright 2014, All rights reserved. Par Inc of Conn,             866.385.4930

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